Deco & Bella Track Information

DECO & BELLA curtain tracks in Canberra

DECO & BELLA tracks are the quiet evolution in curtain tracks and sliders.

The new DECO & BELLA integrated track and slider system

deco and bella track and slider
The new DECO and BELLA track is a revolutionary new system that is not only attractive but is also a guaranteed cost, time and energy saver.

With current Australian building codes demanding 4 and 5-star home energy efficiency ratings, the DECO and BELLA smooth slider system is a stylish and cost-effective way to help you achieve this rating.
Energy wise, your windows are the weakest point in your house. In winter, a window can lose 10 times as much heat as an insulated wall the same size would. In summer, a window works in a similar way as a single bar radiator would, heating your house and making you and your family uncomfortable. The right curtains and pelmets can drastically help fix this problem.
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deco and bella track and slider two
The DECO & BELLA pelmet is a great way to improve your home's energy efficiency rating.

The simplified installation of the DECO and BELLA system allows for a huge saving in curtain manufacturers cost and installation time. The low friction slider design gives it a super smooth and quiet operation and can be done using a wide variety of fabrics, rods, end caps and mitres, with a choice of the modern look box pleat or the classic pinch pleat. It comes in 7 colours: white, birch white, eggshell, satin, café pearl, platypus and black.

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